User Agreement

This User Agreement is between and Tour Guide / Interpreter speaking Japanese who post their profile in the online system of (hereafter, Tour Guide/Interpreter) and covers all aspects of Tour Guide/Interpreter – Customers(who need Tour Guide /Interpreter) matching service of (hereafter, the Service):

1 Service Area
Our services are available only to individuals who legally reside in Myanmar and Japan.

2 Tour Guide/Interpreter Eligibility
・Tour Guide / Interpreter who speak Japanese, in Myanmar
・Can communicate by E-mail, in Japanese or English
・Does not have exclusive contracts with travel agencies, consulting companies, or other corporations
・Can check E-mails at least once in 3 days
・Tour Guide who has Tour Guide License officially approved by government of Myanmar
・Do not provide other services except Tour guide / Interpreter.

3 About the Service
・The Service is to help Tour Guide / Interpreter find customers by hosting their profile on the internet.
・The Service can only be used by Tour Guide / Interpreter who have fully read and agreed to this text.
・ is not a recruiting agency, nor a personnel service agency, so does not intervene
in the guide / interpretation or other things involved. Customers and Tour Guide / Interpreter are directly responsible for making contracts regarding the guide/interpretation.

4 Purpose of the Service
・The service must only be used by Tour Guide / Interpreter who genuinely and seriously want to find customers.
・Tour Guide / Interpreter must not use the Service for any purpose other than finding customers for their guide/interpretation.

5 Service Charge and guide/interpretation Fees
・ does not charge Tour Guide / Interpreter for using the Service.
・Tour Guide / Interpreter are not employees of
・Tour Guide / Interpreter receive payment directly from customers.

6 Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s information 
・All information in a Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s information profile can be displayed on online service, except for the Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s information name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
・A Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s information e-mail address and name are given to customer who request their contact information in order to receive guide/Interpretation.
・A Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s information other contact information (Home Phone Number,Mobile Phone Numbe.) may also be given to the customer if the Tour Guide / Interpreter has allowed it in his/her profile form.

7 Responsibilities
・ is not responsible for any damage, loss, dispute (or other issues) that have been reported by the use of this service
・Tour Guide / Interpreter are responsible for any of the following work-related matters resulting from guide/ Interpretation; tax, insurance, superannuation etc.
・Tour Guide / Interpreter must treat their customer with respect and abide by any agreements between the Tour Guide / Interpreter and the customers.
・Tour Guide / Interpreter must provide with correct information in the registration form and the profile form.
・Tour Guide / Interpreter must not provide false or misleading information under any circumstances.
・Tour Guide / Interpreter are responsible for the password that is issued on registration. ・Tour Guide / Interpreter must not disclose their password to anyone.
・Tour Guide / Interpreter must not put any kind of their contact information (name, e-mail, telephone, etc.) on their profile form except for some fields that ask Tour Guide / Interpreter to fill out with their contact information.
・Tour Guide / Interpreter must respond to all requests for guide /Interpretation from customers as soon as possible.
・ is responsible for providing government institutions with all necessary Tour Guide / Interpreter information should the following situations occur; illegal acts, harassment, etc.

8 rights
・ reserves the right to edit or delete Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s profiles if false information, contact information or inappropriate statements are detected.
・ holds the right to remove Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s profiles in case of any reported trouble with customers.
・ holds the right to refuse Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s registration request or terminate their membership(account) without any notice.
・ has the right to display all the information of the Tour Guide / Interpreter profile, except for Tour Guide’s / Interpreter’s last name, address, phone number and e-mail address and other contact information.
・All supplied content such as text, images, graphical programs, or other materials used on the website are the property of Tour Guide / Interpreter can not use any of those materials without the written consent of


9 Indemnity
If you cause any harm or damage to our company in contravention of User Agreement on Terms of Use, or if you inflict losses of profit our company should have made, we may demand compensation from the user.

10 Governing Law / Jurisdiction
Our User Agreement is construed by Japanese Law.  For the dispute between our company and the user, we settle that the court which has jurisdiction over the headquarters of our company is exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for first instance.